Genius Locii

Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 20

The Human Brain. Avebury Henge.
These ancient sites are inhabited by Genius Locii: Protective Spirits. Prominent stones, barrows, lobes were later named after the Christian devil to discredit the significance of the spiritual locus. For genius is amoral, a force of nature and so impossible to reconcile to dogma. Still, after thousands of years, the Genius Locii refuse to obey.

My thoughts meander through this landscape, making connections at odd crossroads, as our brains often do. I wonder where exactly is this Genius of the human brain located. Does it sit in the Devil’s Chair, or languish in the Devil’s Den? Perhaps it is seared into our consciousness by the Devil’s Brandirons, or flies freely as sparks from his infernal anvil.

I fancy that flying ever outward and inward simultaneously like planets on their predestined revolutionary paths, the Genius Locii seek out their final place of rest in the henges and brains that reside in as yet unborn universes.

I have no answers, but so many questions. For how can the brain ever know itself?

About colleenkerrartworks

I am a visual artist specializing in Painting and one of a kind fine art Jewellery made of hand carved and worked copper and silver. I love sharing my creative process through images and writing.
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